Were so cool :)

So guess what everyone! I have lots to tell you guys! So well first of all... Last night I went to see a show at Call The Office with my friend Beatrice we saw 88 Finger Louie! EEEK It was amazing!!! :).
Friday was my last day of summer school :). FREEDOM finally ;). AHAHAH.
Oh and I dyed my hair once again :) well i guess my friend Asia dyed it ;). right now it's kind of a mix of blue, green, red, purple, blond, pink but it turned out this really pretty purple/pink colour :).
On Monday Beatrice and I are heading to Huntsville (that's where my father lives) for 4 weeks and then we are going to Montreal to visit Bea's sister (she goes to school there). It should be lots of fun :) I'm veryveryvery excited.

Molly, Asia and I painted cups with nail polish cause were cool like that ;).

We pierced my ear.

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