I feel really bad for not posting as often as I should be but I'm not going to be as busy as I was so I swear I'm going to start posting regularly again :).
Well I have lots of news!!!!!!
So guess what I went to the Hole concert last night and it was amazing!!!!!!! I went with my friend Sally and we stayed the night in the big city (Toronto ;)), I love it there it's so fun.
So yeah back to HOLE!
It was an amazing show even though it wasn't really Hole it was more like a Courtney Love show because Melissa Auf der Maur wasn't there nor was Eric Erlandson (even though I thought he was suppose to be there?) but what ever it was still an amazing show :).  She played lots of her old songs which was good cause personally her new album skinny little bitch wasn't my favorite, but the weird thing was she played a lot of covers? At one point during the show she asked the audience to throw up their bras and if they threw up at least ten she would take requests :) it made me laugh apparently she got forty two bras :P. I really wanted to here her play teenage whore but she wouldn't play it :( because she had turned forty six yesterday :) makes sense ;).

So yeah pretty much it was AWESOME :)!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll post some pictures later this week of my outfit :)

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