blue and green. i think YUS!


sitting in my room all by myself wearing nothing but underwear, a dead kennedys tee and war paint making stencils and rockin' out to iggy pop! yeah im cool like that xp!


celia bedelia and i.

so today i hung out with my best friends celia (we've been friends since like grade 2 i think xP) for the first time in like months! and yea when were together were pretty much geeks, no big deal ;P.
p.s. she likes to dance xp.


ta daaaaaa!!!!

so as you all know (hopefully ;p) im working on my art portfolio for school i need 13 pieces by february (i think  :S :P). so far ive done well finished 3 paintings (at the moment i have many on the go ahah :P) and im doing dome photography as well i also have my old sketch book :). so tell me what you think of my photos (pppllleeaaasssee :P ;).)
oh and p.s. dont mind the scabiness of my legs ;P

we're having a blast!

so this weekend was lola. it's a free music festival in the park :) we saw bands like caribou and born ruffians (i didn't love the music but still had loads of fun ;).) and p.s. we even got our face painted xP ahahaha good times!



so last night i went to a show at call the office!
and yea here are some pics...
(p.s. thats my mohawk but its a bit dead :P)



so guess what everybody i dyed my hair once again!
it is now lime green. i look like oscar the grouch ahahaha ;).
ill post pictures as soon as possible!

oh and p.s. i plan on posting more regularly starting monday for the new blog eye candy!
^not quite sure that made sense :S ^
ahaha sorry :(.



so i'm wearing my jean vest with patches, a floral print dress with shoulder pads from the material girl collection, and my new (well new to me) boots there not actually docs there by a company called steel :P so yeah. oh oh oh and im wearing my new "duckie" glasses there from eva b (pretty much like the best store in the entire world ;P)
oh yes and i almost forgot! photo credits: bea

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