Are you scared of the dark?

AHHHH its almost halloween!!! my favorite time of the year!!!!! im so excited ahahah!!! XD
this year my costumes kinda boring but oh well (im being Courtney  Love by the way ahhaha)!!!!!!!!!


fucking waterloo.

so me and molly went to waterloo this weekend for god knows what reason haha!


ahhhhhhh so it was londons zombie walk this weekend and it was kinda rad haha!!


hiya so today i got glasses :/. adsjgkbdsay uijkdwjbadsghsadghasdhvasdvhj and yea thats about it.
don't judge me.


just so you know.

kjkdsJdjnjm**&jdjsanjcnjsxjbAJXOYb i like you UKJXBJA&!@%^^GHJADHIKuutryarrtadwvghh&*

miss molly mac. oh and phil ;)


dundundun. asia and i ;)

you make me happy ;).


so this is from a while ago but who cares :). by the way this is ashlie x).

MA GGGGAAAAWWWWDDDD! i got myself some footy pajamas everyone ;)!!!!


cry cry cry. so much fun.

thanks giving.

so yeah basically sums up my weekend...


yea sooo. im a geek ;).


sooo yea i think october is gonna be the best month of the year ;)!!!!!

october 5th- D.O.A., call the office.
october 8th- Black Donnellys, call the office
october 13th- Cobra Skulls, call the office
october 24th- ZOMBIE WALK!!!
october 30th- HALLOWEEN!

yea so im excited lots a fun stuff to keep me busy ;D!!!!


sick boy

this week ive been supper sick so here some photos from a couple of weeks ago ;).

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