fucking around.

two dead police. one for hope and one for peace.


this year christmas wasn't that bad *surprising (i know right ?)* i think i actually had a good time...?!


merry christmas y'all

we're a family full of good looks.... *sarcasm*


 sometimes i feel a bit 'jbcsabhcsavhjdsha' because i want to write how i feel about things and stuff i like and do and yea,
but i cant do it because im too stupid to make things make sense hahaha

check out my crack head legs...


rocket to russia

haha so this is my new fur hat ;P!
so i decorated my Christmas tree on the weekend...


so i have had a "snow day" for the part 3 days which means NO SCHOOL :D haha its been pretty crazy i think we've had almost 3feet of snow. 5 day weekend ;P.


i've decided that im going to grow out my hair and then get cut/dyed the exact same way as this chick  :S. oh yes.


so yup thats asia and me being my restarted self. D:
oh gawwd.


so guess what. I GOT IN TO THE ART PROGRAM at my school :). just thought i'd let y'all know haha.
up yers hoe.

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