Punk Rock Girl

Okay so I just love all of these pictures!!! I'm loving the rings in the first one like the one with the hog head! It is so cool ;D!! and the eye ball like come on!!! :P

And the girls hair in the second one! I had dreads atone point actually it was only a couple months ago it didn;t look so good on me I think it was because they were so short but even if they were long it would look dumb cause me and long hair don't get along so well :P.

I love the girls pants in the picture right above. There is this guy at my school who has pant like them and there sooo cool I'm so jealous of him and those to girls. I think I'm going to save up and buy a bunch of band patches and get an old pair of ripped jeans and sew them on :P.

And I don't know the last picture I just like it there is no real reason why I just do :P :D.

Love and Rockets,

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