I Caved D':

So I'm sad to say but I finally caved D: !!!

I shaved my head once again. Well I guess I didn't "shave" it bald I just shaved the sides again. But I regret it, I really do, I was just getting bored with it, so I just did without even really thinking about it. It's kind of depressing actually but what ever it's just hair and it will always grow back :D!!!

Love and Rockets,


Viva La Revolution!

So guess what I had the best day ever today!!!!!!!! So I was walking downtown with my friend Katie and I saw some other friends of mine; Molly, Asia and Mason and they were coming from the dollar store and guess what they had bought!?! Some spray tan for $2!! Oh Jesus that didn't work out so well!!! My arms D:! They are ORANGE!!! Orange I say! (but it's funny :P)

Isn't that horrible laugh my ass off :P :D!!!
and I can't get it off  D:!!! :P

And then when I got home I dyed my hair! (I know I always do :/ but this time it's different I swear :P). This time my hair is half green and half blue it's AWESOME!!!!!! :D. I love love love love love it :D!!!!!!!!!

During the process of dying my hair I got bored and became a camera whore :P :D ;D!!!

The finished product!!! XD

Ya so that's it that was my amazing day!! Well I guess now that I think about it it wasn't that amazing :P ;D to tell you the truth those were the only highlights of my day the rest of it sucked monkey butt :/. But tonight I'm going to my friends and then tomorrow I'm going to go see the movie the Killers and I'm really excited it looks funny :D!

Love and Rockets'

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