Viva La Revolution!

So guess what I had the best day ever today!!!!!!!! So I was walking downtown with my friend Katie and I saw some other friends of mine; Molly, Asia and Mason and they were coming from the dollar store and guess what they had bought!?! Some spray tan for $2!! Oh Jesus that didn't work out so well!!! My arms D:! They are ORANGE!!! Orange I say! (but it's funny :P)

Isn't that horrible laugh my ass off :P :D!!!
and I can't get it off  D:!!! :P

And then when I got home I dyed my hair! (I know I always do :/ but this time it's different I swear :P). This time my hair is half green and half blue it's AWESOME!!!!!! :D. I love love love love love it :D!!!!!!!!!

During the process of dying my hair I got bored and became a camera whore :P :D ;D!!!

The finished product!!! XD

Ya so that's it that was my amazing day!! Well I guess now that I think about it it wasn't that amazing :P ;D to tell you the truth those were the only highlights of my day the rest of it sucked monkey butt :/. But tonight I'm going to my friends and then tomorrow I'm going to go see the movie the Killers and I'm really excited it looks funny :D!

Love and Rockets'


Sam Harvey said...

wear red or orange with that great hair. it will look even more green. opposite colors on da color wheel yah know!

sidnee said...

good idea thanks :D!!!

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